Dreams and Wishes

My friend and I wanted to see what each other's life goals are. We created a list and he titled it "My Life Dreams". As with life, many things change. I have posted my list to share with friends and family and to change or add as needed:)

Wish Granted in Blue       Wish not YET granted in Green       I know this will be granted within this year in Purple

Of course all of the following wishes in Blue would be wonderful to see again:)


United States Locations  Overseas Weather experiences
Astronomy sights Goals... Personal nature

United States Locations
Colorado New Mexico Utah Alabama Arizona Florida
Mississippi Louisiana Oklahoma Alaska Hawaii Wyoming
Oregon Kentucky Caves Missouri & Caves East Coast (light houses) Montana California


Black Canyon of The Gunnison, Colorado Lost Maples, Texas Rocky Mountain National Park Pedernales Park, Tx
Big Bend, Tx Enchanted Rock, TX Grand Canyon, Arizona Petrified Forest, Arizona
Meteor Crater, Arizona Glacier National Park Yellowstone Arches, Utah
Mt. Rainier Great Basin National Park Smoky Mountains Canyon lands, Utah
Hawaii Volcanoes Grand Teton, Wyoming Zion Canyon, Utah Yosemite, California
Crater Lake, Oregon
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Ireland Wales Scotland England Finland
Caribbean France Australia Iceland Italy
Sweden  Ithaca, Greece Germany   Norway

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To see all 7 Tx show caves. Mission start date: July 2001 Mission Completed July 2003:)

Total caves visited thus far....17 total in Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas:)

Wonder Cave, Tx Inner Space, Tx
Sonora Caverns Mammoth Caverns, Kentucky
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico Lehman Caves, Nevada
Longhorn Caverns, Tx The Shoshone Ice Caves, Idaho
Cascade, Tx Cave Without a Name, Tx
Natural Bridge Caverns, Tx Lave tube/ice caves, NM
Meramac Caves in Missouri Hurricane River Cave Arkansas
Lost River Cave in Kentucky Fantastic Caverns
Cumberland Tennessee  The Lost Sea Tennessee
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Weather Experiences

Go Storm Chasing


See a Tornado Strong night- time lightning display
To see it really snow(Houston Texas @ xmas eve 2004)      See/photograph a waterspout
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Have my own place

See the Nutcracker 12/13/02

Have my own car Have my own Domain Name
Go on a cruise Catch a 5+ pound largemouth bass
A kiss with some special guy under starry skies One day get married and have a family
See a Shakespeare play 12th Night 2004 To create a photo journal of Texas
A kiss with some special guy in a cave/close to a cave Fly a kite on the Beach

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Astronomy Sights

Total eclipse of the sun
(Current plans: I will to attend the March 29, 2006 eclipse and one in Wyoming on August 21, 2017.)

Annular eclipse of the sun
(I missed the June 10, 2002. Count me in on the next one!)
Total Lunar Eclipse (May 16, 2003 Oct 2004) Starry skies with no hint of light pollution
Strong Meteor shower/Storm
(Wish granted: November 18/19, 2001. Another one 2002)
See/photograph a bright comet with a nice tail?
To see yet another space shuttle re-entry

Strong display of aurora borealis 
(Wish granted: March 31, 2001 Houston, Tx and October 29, 2003 from Columbus, TX)

See my Shadow cast by the Milky Way July 2003 Sonora, Texas Andromeda Galaxy (through a large scope 8+ inches)
Photograph Starry skies in a National/State Park To see a Sun Pillar
Starry skies from a dark beach Eta Carinae region

Green flash

Capture a Meteor on film
The Southern Cross The Coalsack Dark Nebula
Magellanic Clouds (both)

Shuttle launch

See color in Orion Nebula Dec 29,2003

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Couldn't figure out where to put these ;)

See Humpback Whales

See a Volcano Erupt

See TOTAL DARKNESS (inside a cave)

See a Glacier

4x4 Trails

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