Leonid Meteor Storm 2001 Gallery and Observations 

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Leonid Video (3 clips)

Leonid Fireball on Video!

3dewleonid2001.jpg (26712 bytes) 

Three Leonids Minolta Z 28mm f/2 

3dipperleonid2001.jpg (34953 bytes) 

Green Leonid from Big Dipper Minolta Z 28mm f/2

3leonids2001.jpg (26031 bytes) 

3 Leonids Minolta Z 28mm f/2

dipperleonid2001.jpg (18530 bytes) 

Leonid from Big Dipper Minolta Z 28mm f/2

leo2.jpg (27639 bytes) 2 Leos Minolta Z 28mm f/2 leotrain1.jpg (21737 bytes)

Leonid Train Minolta Z 28mm f/2

leo3.jpg (33681 bytes)

Leonid train Minolta X700 50mm f/1.7

leo6.jpg (28546 bytes)

Leonid Minolta X700 50mm f/1.7

leo9.jpg (32102 bytes)

Leonid bottom right on Minolta X700 50mm f/1.7

leomark.jpg (30967 bytes)

Leonid and Mark's head:)

leotrain3.jpg (23925 bytes)

Leonid Train and on Tree Line

leo14.jpg (29779 bytes)

Leonid through Dipper

leo15.jpg (6610 bytes)

Leonid fireball and dipperMinolta X700 50mm f/1.7

leofire.jpg (39197 bytes)

Leonid fireball Minolta Z 28mm f/2


leomiss.jpg (22569 bytes)

Top Missed!

Dew and fog were a big problem. I had to wipe off the lens between shots. 

Special Thanks to

Mark Egan for arranging our group of star-gazers together for a wonderful trip and for the briefing before the event with information on where, when and how. This information can still be found on Leonid 2001 Brief   and his Awesome Leonid Article. And to the Pontchartrain Astronomy Club for letting us join them for the show.

Additional Leonid 2001 Photos can be found at these sites.



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