Meteor Showers

Designation is used for reporting on showers. Rate: Number Per Hour

Quadrantids Dec 28-Jan6  Max Jan3/4 lasts 2-3hrs
Color: Blue   Rate: 40-100  Speed: Med.
Trains: 5% Designation QU
Location: Between Big Dipper and Hercules, East of Alkaid or Eta Ursae Majoris.
Name from old constellation Quadrans Muralis "Wall Quadrant"
Delta Cancrids Jan 1-24  Max 17th
Rate:Designation DC Speed: Fast
Alpha Leonids Jan 13 to Feb 13
Rate: 10 Telescopic Meteor Shower
Delta Leonids Early Feb to Mid-March Peak on 26th  
Rate: <5  Speed: moderate  Designation DL
Aurigids Feb5-Feb10
Color: Blue   Rate: 2         Faint 
Location: Near Capella
Alpha Centaurids Jan 28 to Feb 21 Max Feb 8
Rate:Designation AC
Virginids Jan 25-Apr15  Max March 24 
Rate:Designation VI
Gamma-Normids Feb25-March22 Max March13
Rate: 8   Designation GN
Lyrids Apr 16-25 Max 21
Color: bright  Rate: 10-15   Speed: fast
Trains: 15%  persistent trains Designation LY
Location: Between Hercules/Lyra Radiant near Vega
Parent Comet: Thatcher
Additional Notes: Earliest recorded meteor shower observation at 687BC. Typically every 4 min or so a meteor is seen. About three days after Max possible bright fireballs. 1982 there was a dense stream that the earth crossed giving earth a show of 80 per hour.
April-May Fireballs April 15 to May 
Additional notes: Throughout some of my reading on meteors I have found note of a high occurrence of fireballs between April and May. In Mike D. Reynolds book Falling Stars he lists it in his meteor shower notes. There is no known parent body or radiant, only a high occurrence at this time of year for fireballs. 
May Librids May 1 to May 9 Max May 6 
Rate: 2-6 
LocationRadiant in Libra
Sagittarids April 15-July 15  May20
Rate:Designation SA
Eta Aquarids   Apr21-May12 Max May 4-6 
Color: Yellowish   Rate:Speed: swift
Trains: 30%   Designation ET
LocationRadiant in Aquarius
Parent Comet:
Additional notes: Best just before Sunrise. Best in Southern Hemisphere.
Sigma Leonids March 23-May 13 Max 17
Speed: Slow
Tau Herculids Max June 3 Seen two weeks on either side of Max.  Speed: Slow
June Draconids Max June 28 
LocationRadiant east of Mizar in Big Dipper
Parent Comet:
Periodic Comet Pons-Winnecke 
Additional notes: weak  
June Lyrids June 10- June 21 Max June 15 
Rate:  8  Trains:  1/3 leave trains  
LocationRadiant Lyra near Vega
Additional notes: Faint best observing is from 10pm to 1am. This meteor shower was discovered in 1966  
Pegasids July 7-13 Max July9
Rate:  3    Designation JP

Southern Iota Aquarids

Max July 29
Color: Yellowish Rate: 15-20  Speed: fast Designation SI
Location: radiant North of Fomalhaut 
Additional notes: Joined by early Perseids best for Southern Hemisphere, fine shower .
Alpha Capricornids Roughly July 15 to Aug10 July 30
Rate:  5 
Pisces Austrinids Jul15-Aug10 Max 27
Rate:  5    Designation  PA
Northern Delta Aquarids   Peaks same night as Perseids Aug 12
Rate: 2-5  Designation ND
Kappa Cygrids Second week of August to Early October peak August 18
Northern Iota Aquarids Mid-July to September 20 Max Aug 20
Rate:Designation NI
Alpha-Aurigids   Aug25-Sept 5 Max Aug 31
Rate: 10  Designation AU
Perseids July 20-Aug23 Max Aug 12  
Color: many colors   Rate:  40-100 Speed: swift 
Trains:  45%  Designation PE
Parent Comet:
Additional notes: Reliable
Piscids Sept.1-30 Max Sept20 
Rate:Designation SP 
Annual Andromedids Sept25 to Nov 12 Max Oct 3 
Orionids Oct2-Nov7 Max Oct 22
Color: faint   Rate:  20 Speed: swift
Trains:  20%  Designation OR 
LocationRadiant Betelgeuse
Parent Comet:
Additional notes: Concentration of fireballs about three days after max (The Sky by Levy says three days before Max) 
Draconids Oct 6-10
Rate:  not detectable every year 
Designation GI
Parent Comet:
Additional notes: On October 8, 1946 periodic Comet Giacobini-Zinner passed 5 days earlier and a storm up to 2000 per hour was observed. (The Sky by Levy) 
Northern Piscids September 25 to Oct. 19 Max Oct 12

See Leonid Page
 Nov14-21 Max Nov17 
Rate: 15  Speed: fast Designation  LE
LocationRadiant head of Leo 
Parent Comet:
Additional notes: Every 33 yrs storm. Some Storms 1966, 1998, 2001, 2002?
Southern Taurids Sept  to End of November Max Nov 13   
Rate:<15   Speed: Slow   Designation ST 
Additional notes: NAMN says peak on 5th of Nov
Northern Taurids Oct 1-Nov 25 Max Nov 12
Rate: <15  Speed: slow   Designation NT 
Parent Comet:
Geminids Dec7-17 Max Dec13/14
Color:  Yellowish  Rate:75   Speed: med  Designation GE 
LocationRadiant near Caster
Parent Comet:
Asteroid 3200 Phaethon
Additional notes: Good shower. Quite good before Midnight
Ursids Dec17-26 Max Dec 23
Color: faint   Rate: 5-10   Designation UR 
LocationRadiant Northeast of Kochab, or Beta Ursae Minoris
Monocerotids Nov. 27-End of Dec Max Dec 10
Rate:Designation MO 
Puppid-Velids Dec1-15 Max Dec06
Rate: 10 Designation PU 
Coma Berenicids Dec12-Jan23 Max Dec 20
Rate:5 Speed: fast Designation CO 

The Sky by Levy 

Falling Stars by Mike D. Reynolds

Celestial Delights by Reddy


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