Meteor Gallery

Updated: 04/24/04

2satellites2002.jpg (42738 bytes) Two Satellites cross near Vega in the Lyra constellation. July 2002 meteor2001.jpg (24172 bytes) One of my favorites. Jupiter near Scorpius and a meteor at top. Second meteor on film!
meteor2002.jpg (30539 bytes) Meteor in experiment of astrophotography. Recorded stars then paused then recorded again creating a gap in the trails. 2002 glorytriangletemp.jpg (32218 bytes) Satellite crosses near Vega July 2001
 meteor.jpg (33123 bytes) My very first meteor caught on film 2001. Meteor through Scorpius. Location: Sonora Texas. 2003 July 21
Meteor Star Field Location: Sonora Texas. 2003 July 21 Geminids




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