A “wild” cave is one that is in its natural state without stairs, lights or leveled paths. This page is for those who want the experience of the  “wild” cave.

It is important to note that one doesn’t just go “wild caving” just for adventure. Every entry into a wild cave destroys parts of the cave and stops the delicate features and growing. People who just want the adventure of wild caving should visit the following.

Spelunkers who are discovering, mapping, and studying the caves need to contact the Spelunker society in San Antonio.  

Natural Bridge Caverns Information found on Natural Bridge Page

Colorado Bend State Park offers ‘wild’ cave tours. There are two tours. One tour is a walking tour and the other is a crawling tour. More than 150 caves riddle the property that spans 5,300 acres. All of these caves are off limits except for guided tours.

            Walking tour Gorman Cave sturdy footwear recommended. Tour offered on the weekends.

            Crawling cave tour is a great way to learn the basics of caving.  

Colorado Bend State Park
P.O. Box 118
Bend, TX 76824 (915)628-3240

Kickapoo Cavern State Natural Area is north of Bracketteville. Tours are offered all year, but only by reservation. There is also a bat flight from Green Cave.   

Kickapoo Cavern State Natural Area
P.O. Box 705
Bracketville, TX 78832 (830)563-2342

Devil’s Sinkhole is a drop of about 150 feet into the cave. Reservations on scheduled guided tours are the only tours available because the dangerous drop and to protect the bat population. I added this to the list because it is on most Texas maps. So before venturing out to do some caving, know there are no tours. The bat flight is a very popular show.  

Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area, c/o Kickapoo Cavern State Natural Area
P.O. Box 705
Bracketville, TX 78832 (210)563-2342 

Carlsbad Caverns Several "wild" tours are avaible learn more on Carlsbad Caverns Page

Texas Speleological Association (TSA)
P.O. Box 8026

Austin, TX 78713

National Speleological Society
2813 Cave Avenue
Huntsville, AL 35810

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