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Soda Straw Ceiling

Inner Space Cavern

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Flowstone: Still growing

*Ranked high on my Cave List*

Visited July 2002

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Drill Site: Discovery Room

    Inner Space Cavern was discovered in 1963, by construction workers who were drilling for core samples before construction of Interstate Highway 35. The workers punched through the cave and watched as the drill dropped several feet. 
     The hole was enlarged to drop someone in to investigate. It was at this point that the construction company contacted the Austin Spelunker Society to investigate. 

     Once in the cave several fossils were found including that of a saber tooth tiger and other Ice Age mammals. Inside the cave a concrete wall was erected to prevent mudflows through a particular area. The owners decided to take advantage of this space and had an artist come in and paint pictures of the animal remains that were found in the cave. 

Stalagmites hanging over a Bone Pit

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Column in Cave

     Visitors start the trip into the cave with a ride on the Scenic Subway into the cave. Once inside the cave the paths are easy to walk. 

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Scenic Subway trail

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Soda Straw Ceiling

     This cave is still 95% active and has many wondrous formations throughout the cave. The cave also has shows in an underground theater for educational programs. 

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     Like most caves a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit makes the cave a wonderful treat from the summer heat. 

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Collection of cave wonders

Yet another photograph of Soda Straw Ceilings

     I really enjoyed this cave! I have been to 5 of the 7 show caves in Texas and must say that the Soda Straw Ceilings is one of the best that I have viewed, thus far.. Page 2 for more photographs.

Tour length: one mile, round trip; about one hour and fifteen minutes. Tripods allowed.  

To learn more visit Inner space Cavern Official Website  

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