Cave Without A Name 

 Commercialized in 1939, this cave has a unique story behind its name. A contest held to find a name left a local student as winner. The student said that, "The cave is to pretty too have a name" and the cave received its name. The cave is located near Boerne, TX a little drive out of town takes one on a scenic drive to the cave.  Go 11miles Northeast of Boerne on FM474 to reach the cave. 
There is a flight 126 steps stairs that go down about 90 feet into the cave.  Going down the steps is not a problem. However the stairs are the only way in or out of the cave and while going down is easy, going up 126 steps can take a good deal of energy. Still the cave is well worth the last flight up. The cave is full of awesome views of stalactites, stalagmites, and soda straws making the trip well worth it. This cave is said to hold the best 'cave bacon' in the state. One particular 'cave bacon' is about 22ft long. The Grapes is a very prominent feature in the cavern and is the only known formation of its kind in Texas. They are currently restoring the cave to some of its natural state. 

Tour length: One-quarter mile; about one hour and fifteen minutes.  

Visited in July 2003

To learn more visit Cave Without A Name Official Website and Cave Without A Name

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