Cascade Caverns
'More than just a peep in the deep'

Visited:  July 2001

Cascade is an excellent cave to visit. Located right in Boerne, Texas. To enter the cave one takes stairs into the cave. There are a small flight of stairs that takes one down passing the 'Peep in the Deep', a 60ft deep hole that, in 1939, was the original entrance into the cave.  A large part of this cave used to be under water. It was drained and pathways added.

 This active cave has many areas where one must duck under low ceilings in order to reach the other side. Be careful what you touch because this cave is still an active cave and tends to be rather wet. Most of the ground is level and some areas have puddles of water. One interesting fact about this cave is the lighting system, which is quite a bit dimmer than other caves in Texas.

Low Diamond Ceiling in Cascade composed of stalactites

Cascade Walls

The end of the tour leads you into the largest room in the cave. It is in this room that, if there is enough water, a 90 foot waterfall spills into the cave. There is only one way in, so after the tour you travel back the way you came. 

Small tripods are allowed in this cave. 

Tour length: One-quarter mile, round trip; about forty minutes.

 To learn more visit Cascade Caverns or Texas Highways on Cascade Caverns.


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