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Ship Channel

Galveston Island

Kemah Here April 18, 2003 photographs

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Along the beach

Just miles away from Houston, is a rare jewel along the Gulf Coast. From one end of the island many adventures lie in wait. On the South side jetty's you have some good fishing opportunities. 

On the north end of the island shopping and a ferry ride to Port Bolivar Peninsula awaits explorers. 

Galveston Island and surrounding waters offers wonderful fishing opportunities. 

Driving along Sea Wall Boulevard is a scenic treat as you watch the public beaches as people swim, surf, walk, collect shells, and enjoy the sun.

The Strand is the main shopping highlight of Galveston. Old buildings host new stores with a great variety of wares to sell. The Old Peanut Butter Factory holds many antiques and unique items. Next to the Peanut Butter Factory is an awesome little shop that sells Fiesta Wares, for all those who collect or would like to begin to collect their dishes. Further down the strand is Colonel Bubbie's. This shop sells various military used items as well as new items. A collection of nice swords is also in this store. Walking down the Strand you will find an area where one can play chess with large chess pieces on a human sized board. Challenge! One could even play with several friends as the pieces! The Chocolate Factory is always crowded as those with a sweet tooth find plenty of unusual but excellent sweets. 

With so much to do on Galveston Island, why don't you come in for a couple of days and enjoy!

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Bird 'n' Surf

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