Carlsbad Caverns  continued...

Soda Straw formations are interesting as well. These formations form long thin stalactites which are hollow inside and are extremely fragile. The photograph to the right shows an interesting popcorn look. 
One reaches a part of the cave where there is an option to continue on the Big Room tour. It's wise to take a brief pause and rest before continuing on. The Big Room is a very decorated part of the cave and a rest will help you to enjoy it more. Go to the lunch room and you will find restrooms, snacks, and gifts at a depth of 750 feet. This is also the area that the elevator is at and the way back out of the cave. 

For photographers wanting a challenge this cave will do work. I have photographed 9 caves and cave photography is always fun and challenging. All of the photographs within my cave galleries were taken with only the available light. A tripod allowed into the caves, but it is a long tour so don't bring anything heavy. As mentioned earlier a variety of 

lights are used in the cave. In two photographs to the left you will notice a blue or green color. This light is actually pleasing, to me at least, and really does make the photograph more interesting. More on the particulars to cave photography visit my Cave Photography page. 

The photograph to the right is not the Doll's Theater but very similar to it. I was taken with this shot as the heavenly light details the fine details to these formations, framed by cave darkness. 

The photograph to the left is of the Giant and one of the Twin Domes. These are world famous formations found in the Hall of Giants in the Big Room. The Giant Dome is 62 feet high. The photograph on the right is the Chandelier which is a large collection of stalactites. This formation is one of the lighter colored formations in the cave. 
A visit to the cavern is not complete without viewing the bat flight. This cave is home to thousands of Mexican Free-tailed bats which emerge from the cave each evening during the summer. These bats eat bugs, so there is no cause for worry. The photo to the right is my family, (starting left: Cory, Jennifer, Mom, Dad, me...Carrie took the photograph) we are waiting for the bat flight. The right photograph is the trail of cars leaving Carlsbad. 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
3225 National Parks Highway
Carlsbad, NM 88220

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