Missouri Caves

'The Cave State'

I read somewhere that Missouri is also known as the 'Cave State' with around 5000 or so caverns. The cave & karst area in Missouri is quite extensive and works into Arkansas as well. Karst refers to an area of geology related to caves; this also includes natural springs.

Here is a list of caves in Missouri. As I visit them I'll put up photographs and reports. 

Caves that I have visited in Missouri with briefs and photographs.

      Meremec Caverns in Stanton Meremac Springs Fantastic Caverns in Springfield     

Official websites of Caves not yet visited
Bridal Cave  in Camdenton Jacob's Cave in Versallas 
Onondaga Cave and Cathedral Cave in Leasburg open on the weekends as a lantern tour Truitt's Cavern in Lanagan 
Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal Cameron Cave in Hannibal
Talking Rocks Cavern near Branson Bluff Dwellers Cave in Noel
Crystal Caverns is now closed :( Marvel Cave in Branson


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