Crystal Cavern and Mystic Caverns     

'Two caves one location:)'

*Ranked high on my cave list*

The first cave we went to was Crystal Dome Caverns. This cave has a large impressive dome inside…several steps lead down into the largest room. There are several different formations in this cave and some of the formations are the pure untainted white formations, which I always enjoy seeing. Their Cave Bacon, as seen to the right, was quite large and impressive.        
Edge on light  
To get to this cave one must exit behind the building and take a flight of stairs down to a locked door. Then once inside there are several more steps leading down into the cave. There is only one way in and out so the stairs must be taken again. The tour is very slow paced though and plenty of time is given for those needing more time on the stairs.   
Cave Bacon

Stalagmite      Small Room Column & Soda Straws 

Large Room


Mystic Caverns was used and abused many years ago. People of the past took fire into the cave and one can see where the smoke damaged the once glorious formations. People also took pieces out of the cave for money damaging huge curtains and stalactite formations. Today the cave is kept from any further harm. Though the cave has seen considerable damage (more than any other cave I’ve seen) it cannot hide the beauty that the cave holds. The cave is full of a great variety of formations including my favorite, helictites.  Once in the cave you have the opportunity to look down to where you will be going, which is quite nice.

 Mystic Caverns

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