Update: 09/20/05

It has not been very long since Hurricane Katrina slammed the Louisiana coast. So many evacuees have spread out to other states for help. Many have come to Houston. 

Now, the Texas coast is looking to the waters now...closely watching for the possibility of landfall from Rita. 




Tropical Storm Charley, Tx coast 1998

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Tropical Storm Allison  June 2001


Emergency Supply List and Safety Rules

  • Keep your car fueled and have extra cash (gas stations and ATM machines may not work)
  • Flashlight, battery-operated radio and a two-week supply of batteries
  • Store drinking water (water supply may become contaminated)


  • Waterproof matches and a cooking unit (make sure you have fuel for the cooking unit)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Canned goods, dry foods and a manual can opener


  • First aid supplies and extra prescription medicines
  • Hammer, nails, plywood and plastic sheeting for quick home repairs
  • Duct tape to secure windows
  • Stay in a sturdy building on high ground

My Favorite Hurricane Links

Tropical Information for Houston


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