storms 2003

I have eagerly been waiting the arrival of storms since January. I capture a gust front coming through Amarillo Texas, while I'm on vacation. A  storm came through my area while I was in Colorado on vacation....grrrrr! 

Finally June 15th I catch a dying summer storm and grab some photographs. 

June 15th Return Stroke...Houston June 15th Hidden CG and Crawler...Houston June 15th...Houston
June 15th...Houston June 15th start of positive flash...Houston June 15th, Sweet CG in dissipating storm ...Houston
June 1, Amarillo Texas Gust Front in the evening   Arizona clouds with red tint from the ground below 2003summer.jpg (20627 bytes) Summer afternoon storm. Two strikes taken by reaction. f/22 1/60 on 200ISO Fuji Slide film
Storm in SugarLand Stormline in SugarLand Hwy 6 rain curtain
Storm on East Texas Lake Small Funnel Cloud spotted in New Mexico

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