Storm Gallery 2001


On this page you will find the sporadic lightning/storm photos. 

Amarillo storm chase on May 26th. Pictures and chase log found at Storm Chase 2001 Pages

This year has not given us the lightning storms that we usually have. Still here are some decent shots from the few storms we received.

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3272001.jpg (15774 bytes) 

aprilwx.jpg (10974 bytes)

Location: Missouri City, Texas Small storm North

Location: Missouri City, Texas Small storm looking West


Location: Missouri City, Texas my front yard. Small storm looking North Video capture


lit20012.jpg (16482 bytes)

camplit01.jpg (70377 bytes)

lit200102.jpg (10081 bytes)

Location: Missouri City, Texas nice cell seen after going out to the movies. Looking SouthEast

    Location: San Augustine, Texas Storm on Lake Sam Rayburn Video capture

Location: Missouri City, Texas 

lit20013.jpg (7067 bytes)

lit20014.jpg (14233 bytes)

lit32001web.jpg (16828 bytes)

Location: Missouri City, Texas 


Location: Missouri City, Texas 


Location: Missouri City, Texas nice three shot April 23, 2001


pyrocumulus.jpg (7899 bytes)

Location: Galveston, Texas Pyrocumulus 

sept200110.jpg (40588 bytes)

This storm caused a tornado warning issued for downtown Houston. I called my friend, Mark to talk about the storm. We talked until I lost him, probably due to bad reception. He called some time later while I was still chasing and told us that the storm had a tornado warning out:)

sept20017.jpg (31040 bytes)

Location: SugarLand, Texas taken with next three shots Video Capture

Location: SugarLand, Texas  

Video Capture

sept20018.jpg (45259 bytes)

sept20019.jpg (40136 bytes)

sept22001.jpg (20238 bytes)

location: Houston, Texas  taken while a tornado warning was out for the area. Video Capture

location: SugarLand, Texas  taken with next three storms. Video Capture


location: South Fort Bend County on a small country road off of 288 Video Capture

threelit.jpg (35046 bytes)

wallcloud.jpg (25518 bytes)

sunset2001.jpg (16668 bytes)

Location: SugarLand, Texas nice distant cell seen with Venus on top edge. 
location: Missouri City, Texas  

Location: April Missouri City, Texas Wall cloud with rotation. Shortly after this shot a tornado warning was issued for Missouri City. Wonderful Birthday Present!

sumwow20012.jpg (34402 bytes)

sum4.jpg (21702 bytes)


Location: Missouri City, Texas Video Capture

Location: Missouri City, Texas Video Capture



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