As a child I was fascinated by lightning. In 1998 I caught my first shot of lightning. That first photograph stirred something within me and I found myself captured by those stormy skies. 

My first shots of lightning were taken with my finger waiting impatiently on the button for a flash to make me take the photo. Hence at lot of return strokes, except for those wonderful anvil crawlers:)

firstlit.jpg (6856 bytes)
My first lighting photo

storm2.jpg (12747 bytes) 

This was my second storm to photograph. It was awesome at sunset!

secondlit.jpg (14949 bytes) 
This was taken with the photo on the left, its one of my favorites!

Hilit1.jpg (43884 bytes)
A storm struck up suddenly and I captured this with my reflexes and steady hands.

litwithann.jpg (25392 bytes)
This was my first chance for night photography of lightning.

armlit.jpg (12510 bytes)
Taken with storm on left. August 31

83119981.jpg (9668 bytes)
Shot taken by my sister, Carrie:)

heavenlit.jpg (11973 bytes)
3am storm! Oct 6

litagain3.jpg (18441 bytes)
3am storm with clouds moving in.

litagain.jpg (16209 bytes)
3am storm continued.

spiderone.jpg (22098 bytes) 
Spider shot

litbright.jpg (4723 bytes)
Large bolt in front of my house.

stor036.jpg (10333 bytes)
From video

stor038.jpg (21879 bytes)
From video

stor040.jpg (31887 bytes)
From video by Carrie

class.jpg (22755 bytes) 
This bolt seemed to come at me then back away...

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