Day at Brazos...

It's been a month since I ventured out into nature. Rain and cold days stole that freedom from me. But here with the first part of February I found myself on the brink of insanity...I needed to get away.

Sunday February 4th I finally had that opportunity. I loaded my camera gear just in case I found something to photograph, but my main goal was to enjoy some much needed fresh air. I made my way into Brazos Bend State Park.

I walked up the path and chatted with a few people who were fishing and one that was a photographer as well. The photographer asked about my photography, a standard conversation, but I quickly explained that I just needed to get away. We gave each other good wishes and parted. I then headed for my spot...out of the way of most traffic, close to a cut off part of the meandering Brazos River.

There I breathed in the air. It was crisp and smelled wonderful. I sat down on a bench overlooking the water and marveled at the way the water took on the appearance of glass. Amazing, water seemed so fragile at that moment. Only a leaf or even gentle breeze could disturb it. Yet I know the hidden power it keeps. It has the power to knock over vehicles and destroy buildings. But here was peaceful.

A group of birds past overhead...I closed my eyes and drew in all the details of the moment...the gentle breeze pulling at my hair, the coolness of the approaching night sliding across the land, and the sound of birds wings in flight. Oh how I missed moments like these!

I thought briefly of work, but pushed that quickly aside and thought of more pleasant, friends and people that I care for. I wished they could have been with me, just sitting beside me living life as it was meant to be lived...peacefully and happily.

The sun began to set and rich warm colors flooded the landscape. The eastern sky filled with pinks and pale blues forming a Venus belt. Wispy cirrus clouds began to turn pink. Shadows deepened as they traveled across the landscape...sunset was upon me.

I lowered my head, my long hair falling in front of my face and I prayed. I saw the red of the sunset on my hair, I smiled and pulled my hair back, looking towards the west I saw the sun an instant before it vanished, leaving time to the night...the day finished.

Turning back to the East, my breath was taken away by a most wondrous sight.  The glasslike water was reflecting a sky on fire. It was pure magic, seeing the red of the sky reflected in the water. Almost like a dragons breath it seemed to glow and stretch to the shore. I could not resist, but went to the waters edge. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch be part of it for one moment. My fingers reached the waters surface and cast rings, like a spell rippling through to tame that wild dragon. I remained for a moment feeling the cool winter water surrounding my fingers. I then stood up, with my feet at the waters edge.

Night flooded the sky and darkened the clouds above. A star caught my eye, and as I had done so many times in my childhood...I wished on it. More stars appeared gracing the sky and beginning their nightly dance. The cold winter air filtered through the trees and I knew it was time to leave.

As I walked slowly down the path I voice rose up to greet the starry hosts. I paused under the large trees just before the parking area. I heard the breeze pick up and rustle the dead leaves that still clung to the trees.

How could anyone not love being here? A tear of joy slid down my cheek, oh, how I'd missed all this. To escape the world of concrete and cold lights was what I needed. There is magic in nature, hidden secrets and mysteries. There beneath the trees I vowed to visit again soon. Moved by the evening I went home and wrote some of my book. There in my story, Tenenziel...myself, standing beneath the trees looking to the stars and wondering on the dragon that had joined her quest...that moment, that evening in Brazos captured for all time in my story.


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