December 14, 2001 Katy, Tx...I watched the partial solar eclipse from a friend's telescope. We used a solar filter to view the event and were fortunate to see a few sunspots while viewing. This was all it took to get me interested in sunspots. Watching and seeing the sunspots cross the sun I became even more interested in this event. I did some internet surfing and found directions for making your own solar filter. 

I'm hooked!!! I've taken my scope out a couple of times now and recorded the sunspots using a Canon Powershot A75. NOTE: Viewing the sun can be dangerous if not done correctly. More on solar viewing safety coming soon. 

September 14, 2002

Haze and high ozone activity in the Houston, Tx area led to a very deep red sun at sunset. When the sun was just about set it was then that I was able to capture sunspot region 105

Minolta X700 ISO400 300mm

sunspot5.jpg (6568 bytes)

sunspot2002.jpg (11110 bytes)

sunspot2.jpg (3090 bytes)

The following images are taken with my newly made Solar Filter, 8" telescope, Digital Camera, and steadypix.

October 31, 2004
November 7, 2004

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