March 31, 2001

    Little did I know that this day would be one I would never forget. I understood that an aurora show this far south was rare. A good friend of mine and I had the dream of seeing one from Houston, Texas. I had no idea that the dream would come true.

A friend of mine, calls me at 12:30am. He is very excited. I rush out and look North as he directs. There in the North I see a faint red color. I go to the local field and think I see a band of red pierce the sky, but my hopes were so high that I thought maybe I had imagined it. Still I try one picture, not expecting to get anything on film. Sometimes film will pick up light the eye can not see. Upon receiving the film I get this. 

 Time approximately 12:45am. Location South Houston. Taken on a Minolta 400si 35-70mm zoom lens f/3.5 exposure setting ? by WeatherFriend

Aurora in Houston by
Mark Egan

Mark has some of his photographs of the events put on websites. One website that used his picture was CNN. They found his photographs on 
Article on the event from CNN

Aurora in Houston by
Mark Egan

Date: March 31

Conditions: Storm 


IPS Geomagnetic Warning 9 was issued on 30 March and is current for interval 30 March to 1 April. Geomagnetic storm activity is expected 31 Mar to 01 Apr due to recent mass ejections.