November 07, 2004

I was headed home after an ice hockey game when I received a call from Joe Lawton who was seeing an awesome display of the northern lights. Upon hearing this I just knew I had to try and see it. Friend and fellow HAS member Mark Egan and I ventured out to see the show. Mark was already heading out South on 59. 

We wanted to get setup and view the show as soon as possible because it was in progress as we headed out. The city lights of Houston would surely wash out our chances so we needed dark skies.  Our favorite dark spot in Columbus was 1 1/2 hours away and we wanted something quick. I met Mark at a gas station in Sugar Land.  He lead the way and I followed in my car on the phone with my sister, Carrie, who gave us the latest KP, solar wind speed, and Bz direction. So we continued south on 59 until we reached an area of little light pollution. We stopped jumped out and found clouds blocking our skies.  

Insistent on viewing the show we drove around some more stopping many times to try and see the aurora. It just seemed to get worse with all the cloud cover.  Finally, we found a fairly nice sky Southeast of Columbus. It was cloudy to the East, but mostly clear for the rest of the skies. Good enough!!!! We setup our camera's and began taking some pictures. Over time the cirrus and altocumulus clouds seemed to expand across the sky and we still continued to watch and photograph. We imagined a bit of red to the skies, but was not sure.

I took a few shots of the sky...below are the results enjoy!