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Photographed through a pair of 10X50 binoculars. 3f/3.5, 35mm lens, 400 speed Polaroid 


1998 forest fires from Mexico  cover the Texas moon with a red tint. f/5.6, 300mm lens, 400 speed Polaroid



Visit Total Lunar Eclipse of 2000 page

Location: Houston, Texas

Various settings were used. All taken on 400 speed film at f/5.6

Fall moon f/5.6, 600mm lens, 400 speed Polaroid


My first moon shot through a telescope. f/3.5, 35mm, 400 Fuji Supra

This is my favorite picture, so far.

Taken in Dec. 2000 through 2.5 inch scope on fixed tripod

f/3.5, 35mm, 400 Fuji Supra  

See Also Blood Moon for photographs/data on Lunar Eclipse.

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