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Updated: 05/20/04

4summerstars2002.jpg (40083 bytes) 2002 Summer Skies. North West of Austin near Inks Lake. Summer Center with Blue Light on tree. 2002
7summerstars2002.jpg (41407 bytes) Summer skies with light painted tree. Scorpius in the background. Northwest of Austin, near Inks Lake. meteor2001.jpg (24172 bytes) One of my favorites. Jupiter near Scorpius and a meteor at top. Second meteor on film!
cassandcygnus.jpg (43148 bytes)  Cassiopeia and Cygnus. American Nebula in view. 2001 East Texas reststoplater.jpg (30544 bytes) Rest Stop West of San Antonio gave a wonderful view of the Milky Way.
summertriangle800.jpg (51607 bytes) Cygnus on 800Fugi film, fixed tripod. 2002 wowsummerstars.jpg (45726 bytes) Summer Stars 1999 East Tx
venustree.jpg (41451 bytes) Venus and tree near Inks Lake 2002 Canopus from Columbus TX Dec. 13, 2001
Columbus Tx Winter skies 2003 Cygnus by Jeff Kozarski
East Texas stars March 2004 Summer Triangle 800ISO
Summer Triangle again East TX Campgrounds 2003
East Texas under stars and moonlight Shadow Page

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