Observation 1: 

On August 27, 2003 Mars and Earth were closer in their orbits than we have seen. For some people they wanted to be there for this history making event. For others it re-opened their eyes to the wonder of the night sky. And for some people the world of Astronomy was opened to them and they will never be the same.

One of my fellow astronomers and dear friends, Mark Egan, suggested setting up the scope to share with others. On the night of August 28th, Mark brought his scope to Oyster Creek Park and began to share his view of Mars. Several came to see this apparition: Carrie, my parents, Casey and me:) Two people were in the parking lot hanging out and Mark offered to share the view with them as well. Here are some digital camera stills from the event. The ice cap was an easy view through the scope. There was a slight hint of darker area.


Observation 2:

Oyster Creek Park again. I show Mars and the moon to my friend Andre. There is a guy there with his family and I show them the moon and Mars as well:) The ice cap was smaller than before and the darker area easier to see.

Observation 3: 

Cory and Jennifer come over for supper and a movie. As they were leaving I sat up the scope because they had not yet seen Mars through the scope. The ice cap was still quite small and hard to see while the darker area was easier. Jennifer really enjoyed viewing the moon with the 8 inch scope.


Thanks Mark for letting me borrow your scope:) 

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