Astronomy Day 2002


     I heard their laughter, like a thousand bursts of joy, rise up to meet the starry skies. Cassiopeia seemed to smile down on those who had come to experience Astronomy Day 2002. 

     Adults marveling as children to the stars above them...captured by the moment of joy that so many around them shared in. Children's minds opened to the endless possibilities of the future. Other worlds and dreams sparking in them that love for the skies. Who among them would become astronauts, discoverers, inventors of new and scientific wonders? 

     Each year the Houston area Astronomy clubs in connection with the George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park holds an astronomy day for all who want to learn more about the wondrous starry skies.  



     On October 12th star gazers from all over came together to enjoy the starry skies, learn more about astronomy, and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. 

     If you missed out on this years Astronomy Day then plan to take the time to realize the dreams and hopes of the future under some dark starry skies:)

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 By: Christie Ponder a.k.a. WeatherFriend


Houston Area Clubs


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