Houston Museum of Natural Science

One of my favorite spots in Houston is the Museum of Natural Science. This multi-level museum has everything from the Dinosaurs to the latest technologies. 


Dinosaur Hall: Several Dinosaur replicas and a timeline of the beginnings of life can be found in 
this area. 



Rock & Gem: This is one of my favorite areas which is lighted in such a way to bring the simple beauty of the displayed rocks and gems to life. Several computer quizes are found in this area to help you learn more about geology

Shell Display: This is a spectacular display of all kinds of shells. A fish tank with live rocks, clown fish, damsel fish, and hermit crabs are also in this section. 
 IMAX theater: Experience distant places as close as you can get without actually being there. Planetarium: Mapping of the skies and educational movies can be seen here.
Butterfly Cockrell: Many butterflies are flying about in this tropical atmosphere.
Surrounding attractions: A Big ball is located outside the museum...movement can be controlled or the earths rotation  
actually moves this object.