January 24, 2004

For Carrie's birthday I decided to ask a few friends to join us for a ice Hockey game. Cory (who plays ice hockey) and Steve were able to join us. Then I received a call from another friend who told me that someone else was having a birthday and we could get a big group together.... So Saturday a huge group of us went to watch the Aeros play the Crunchers.
The first people into the stadium were given a free Bobble Head doll of the Goalie:) The the number of people at the game was tremendous! If I remember right the announcer said this was the third biggest show of fans:) 
The first period was very quite with no goals on either team. They had a kids ice hockey team come out for the intermission. So I guess technically you can say the kids scored the first goal of the game;)

The Aeros had their warm up period though and began to score against the crushers. Toward the end of the game the Crushers pulled their goalie....we scored on that chance:)

There was one Aero that was injured and escorted off the ice. Two fights broke out, which the audience always enjoys. The AEROS were victorious!!! As you can see from the final score board the Aeros were also kind enough to let the Crunchers get a goal;) 
After the game Steve, Cory, Carrie, and I went out and said our goodbyes. Cory, Carrie, and I then enjoyed a drive back home with good company and music:) While we were in the parking lot talking I took this shot of the city...all decked out for the Super Bowl which was in a few weeks. 

Official Aeros Website


Jennifer & Cory
Before the Ice Hockey game family got together for dinner at Cafe Adobe and then we had some cake:)
Dragon birthday cake:)

Sisters...best friends

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