Owensville, Missouri....

I went to Missouri to visit Joe Lawton. The day before I arrived Joe was treated to an awesome show of lightning. I was just 6 hours away in Muskogee, Oklahoma...AHHHH!!!! 

After I arrived both of us were hoping to get some storm action going. The forecast was  favorable for storms, so we waited. Early in the day we were treated with a really nice storm that came through giving us a try at some daytime shots. We did manage to get some of the elusive daytime lightning, but it wasn't very impressive. Hey, with a digital camera there is no film to waste...why not try!?!  :) 

After the rain passed I didn't think we would see anything else. Boy was I wrong! We saw a very bright double rainbow and got some shots from that and still there was more to come. 
Right at sunset the sun peaked through the storm clouds and Joe, Theresa and myself enjoyed a sky on fire!!!! There was so much to see during that time, we had three camera's going. I told them they sure did know how to entertain! ;) 
Mammatus clouds kept changing not just with color but with intensity. The sky was ablaze for what seemed like forever. It has been a good long while since I've seen such beautiful skies. 






After the sunset faded we saw a storm coming at us. We got some lightning and had to move to a secure location to protect our camera's and well... ourselves. Sitting in Joe's car we tried some more shots ,but it got really rough and heavy hail began to bombard us. We made a dash for the house after the hail stopped, and then the skies began to tease us with flashes of light.

I got two final shots of lightning at the hotel. Ah, need more storms!!!!   

 The following night we had an awesome star gazing/observing session...pics coming soon!!!


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