June 2, 2004   

Carrie and I leave Harrison, Arkansas and head towards home. Our plan is to hit three more caves and stop when ever we get tired.

We saw a few storm clouds while we were visiting the caves and in Hurricane River Cave we were treated to hearing thunder inside a cave:)  

     After passing Little Rock we found ourselves heading into some interesting weather. We took a brief stop at a rest area to grab some shots on digi cam.

     Then we got back on the road. At 1/4th of a tank of gas we decided to pull into Friendship for a full tank. We noticed all these 18 wheelers and a few cars pulled off on the side of the road. Electricity was out so we went to the next city, Caddo Lake. We saw that there were several hotels and since we didn't know how many towns were without power or if they would have hotels, we decided to stop. 

There was a sign that was broken by the wind, and a Phillips 66 sign that was bent (seen in this photo). The hotel being right next to the highway, we could hear every car and truck go by so we couldn't really sleep. When the electricity came on at 3am we still didn't' sleep well because the A/C rattled! GRrrrr! 



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