Storm Chase 2001



5am Houston, Tx

My sister, Carrie, and I head out of Houston for Amarillo. We hope to hit Amarillo 12 hours later for maybe a few storms that night.

Lightning hits road in front of us.

8:00am Somewhere South of Corsicana, Tx

Storm in progress. We encounter heavy rains and awesome lightning strikes. As we are enjoying the show marble sized hail begins to hit us. We are in the hailstorm for about 5 minutes traveling at approximately 40 mph. We exit the 

Lightning hits again!

storm and continue our track North. Images were taken while it was raining.

4:30pm Arrive to Amarillo, Tx

We are exhausted! We stay at Comfort Inn and decide to take a nap after all that driving. 

Lightning strikes the roadside near us!

lubbstorm.jpg (32847 bytes)

Lubbock storm from afar. 



Wake up check radar very briefly still exhausted and hungry. Head for Applebee's for some food. Just as we arrive to the restaurant, Lubbock is under a severe thunderstorm warning. We watch the radar 

at the restaurant. A cell pops into the Texas panhandle motion Southeast. Thunderstorm watch out for Amarillo. We leave the restaurant go to the hotel grab my cameras and see the Lubbock storm in the very far distance.  We check the radar quickly and head for Vega. 

Rotation with false sunset caused by the storm. 

Lightning curses through rotation. Capture from Video.

    We are hoping for some great cloud shots maybe some lightning. Little     did we know we were in for a show.

    Approaching Vega we see this awesome storm.


"Look at that!" Carrie yells all of a sudden. I look over to the West and see dust being thrown in to the air toward the  North. We watch it for a bit and she says that she sees it rotating. We pull over onto a country road to watch it a bit. There is the plume of dust being kicked up and its rotating. I look for cloud extensions and I don't see any. This awesome bolt strikes through the dust and a 
Odd horizontal lines

Horizontal line continues 

 shadowy monster appears. We take some snapshots and continue off watching it.

  Continue to Vega Chase logs and several Lightning photos.


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