East Texas Lakes- Storms during camping trip on March 17, 2000

My family had gone camping and bass fishing for several days. On March 17th a magnificent storm crashed through the area. Storms on lakes are very dangerous, as conditions can go from calm weather to stormy rather quickly. Fishermen began lining up their boats to pull them out of the water several minutes before the storm hit...they saw it coming. 

Some minutes later lightning lashed out across the sky putting the some 10+ boats still on the water in extreme danger. Then a hailstorm began with pea-sized hail. At this point most of the boats moved onto land and abandoned their boats for shelter. 

It hailed twice during the storm and lightning struck every few seconds...

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Later that day my sister, brother, and I ventured out to fish. I hung a nice little bass before sunset. We pulled the boat around to the boat ramp to bring the boat in and lightning began in the skies once more. Then once at camp a glorious lightning show began in the distance.

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