September 8, 1999

     This day had been a very calm day. It was 6:30pm and my brother, Cory, had just left to go to his evening college class. He called me on his car phone, "Hey, Christie! You have got to get your camera and head toward the Beltway there is an awesome looking cloud!"
In a flash I had my camera gear. In fear that I would have a wreck not looking at the road, I had my sister, Carrie, drive me to the Beltway. There it was an awesome cloud with mammatus hanging dangerously in the sky.

Liedge.jpg (11626 bytes)


aug4.jpg (8813 bytes)      The storm moved away from us and didn't seem to be gaining any strength. I figured long about sunset we might see the edge of the storm. Sure enough at 7:00pm I went out to see what was going on and the edge was coming through. All of these lightning shots are from my video camera. Coolit2.jpg (17435 bytes)
 Coolit.jpg (9268 bytes)      The storm produced only a few close decent strikes.

Spin92.jpg (8668 bytes)


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