Wild Flowers 2001

The following pictures were taken in the Spring of 2001 on a Wild Flower trip that Mark Egan and I took. Unfortunately, the Bluebonnets were past peak. Still it was a trip filled with beautiful flowers.

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Taken South West of Austin, Tx. Taken on Minolta 400si 300mm zoom lens. A Tobacco Graduated Filter was used.

Taken near Fayetteville, Tx. Taken with my Minolta 400si as all the pictures on this page are. 35-70mm lens used.

In the Company of Bluebonnets

Bluebonnet Bridge

Taken South West of Austin, Tx. This was taken at the same location as above. 300mm zoom lens used.

Taken near Fayetteville, Tx. Taken with 35-70mm lens set to 35mm. Then my Ultra-Wider was added for this effect. I like this one because it tells a story of a fence, a photographer, and flowers. (Yes, that's my friend in the background.)

The Stump

Bluebonnet Story

I can't remember where we were when I took this picture. I was experimenting with my Ultra-Wider on buildings.

I have a thing for the number three. I like any composition where objects of three are grouped. Hence, this picture.

With all Grace

Three in color

This was a close-up using my 300mm macro lens. The enlargement does not have the lettering on it.

I took this shot because it looked like Mark was wading in flowers. 300mm zoom lens.

Indian Paintbrush

Wading in Flowers

This was a pretty tight arrangement of flowers, mostly yellow. I thought it was interesting because of the thickness of the yellow separated by the blue with the company of a few paintbrushes.

What can I say about this one? I had never seen this type of flower to my knowledge and wanted it on film.

Field of Gold with Company of Blue

Pretty in Purple


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