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Wildflower report for April 5-6, 2003

Leaving Austin my sister, Carrie and I drove to Fredericksburg on 290. Patches of Bluebonnets and Paint brushes were scattered here and there. We found a small field full of Indian paintbrushes in Stonewall 290 and 1623 (fenced in, but very nice). We turned Right onto 965 from main Fredericksburg and found a nice collection of Bb on the side of the road. *1323 before 1320 bluebonnets with cactus. *Willow city loop full bloom, but extremely busy. Small patches of bluebonnets and paintbrushes all the way to and past Marble Falls. Turned on 1431 toward inks lake and found some small patches. After Granite Shoals toward inks the flowers became more abundant. Park Road 4 patches of bluebonnets all along the sides of the roads...beautiful. Heading back to Burnet was dark but there were bb on 29 highlighted by our lights. Day 2 Take 390 around Brenham, glorious fields of bluebonnets and paintbrushes. Absolutely wonderful views:) The majority of the Bluebonnets were at peak a few patches were past peak. Overall much better than last years show.

390barn.jpg (60902 bytes)

Taken on 390

flowerheaven.jpg (69059 bytes)

Wildflower Dream

Flower Heaven

fencebarb.jpg (43574 bytes)

This brilliant field was just screaming to be caught in memory on film. 

fieldoflowers.jpg (58953 bytes)

This field was full of red and blue. But the color was lost with a wide shot because it covered such a great area, so instead I choose to focus on a small area to show the thickness of the flowers.

Red 'n' Blue

inks2.jpg (40074 bytes)

Stone in Flower II

Inks Lake area

txflower.jpg (63179 bytes)
Texas Flower Flag

In this one HUGE field off of 390 was blue and red, except for one little patch of white. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Texas Star of the Texas Flag with the arrangement.  

ladybugblue.jpg (22808 bytes)

Lady bug luck:)

roadside.jpg (47009 bytes)

Roadside Inks Lake

shade.jpg (60841 bytes)

Shades of white and blue

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