Meteor Scatter!

So there is a meteor shower going on and your stuck at home and can't watch or get meteor counts. I understand completely. I was in the same position in August when the Perseids were in action. Bored and not happy I searched the internet...that's when I found that there are online radio frequencies where I could listen for meteors. 

That's right! Listening for the meteors by certain radio frequencies is easy to do. The radio waves end up bouncing off of the meteor and creating a whistling. The whistling sounds like this... ghostly pings courtesy of

*NOTE: It is important to realize that there is no way to know whether a meteor on the radio is from your target meteor shower or a sporadic.

Meteor Shower Calendar from WeatherFriend

*audio: 67 MHz forward-scatter meteor radar (Roswell, NM)

*audio: NAVSPASUR (monitoring station: Roswell, NM)

*audio: 67 MHz forward-scatter meteor radar (Huntsville, AL)

Meteor Scatter Map


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