I have yet to see the Perseids. I begin back to school every August and just can't get off to view this meteor shower. 

In the year 2003, clouds kept me from viewing them even from city lights. I was online with a friend and found links to live stations where meteors could be heard. I began my counts and found an increase in activity between 8pm and 11pm. Though I could not determine whether the meteors were a Perseid or sporadic I still was able to do meteor counts, which I love doing. 

A friend and wonderful photographer, Dan Heller, was out in Baker, Nevada during the Perseids. He captured some awesome meteors on film. I invite you to see his two images here..


After viewing his Perseid meteors, I encourage you to check out the rest of his photographs. Dan Heller

*audio: 67 MHz forward-scatter meteor radar (Roswell, NM)

*audio: NAVSPASUR (monitoring station: Roswell, NM)

*audio: 67 MHz forward-scatter meteor radar (Huntsville, AL)

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Perseids from Jupiter Scientific

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Photographs of 2001 from


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