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The sungrazing comet Kreutz was a very large comet that broke apart into smaller fragments. These fragments are still impressive in size. The fragments paths are similar. 

" The first Kreutz fragment held together until 371 BC, when it broke into at least three large pieces one which became the Great Comet of 1843. The second Kreutz fragment remained intact until AD 1106, when it split into three more comets. It's descendants include the Great comet of 1882 and Comet Ikeya-Seki of 1965" (Robert Burnham's Great Comets, 4)

Here is a list of some fragments of the Kreutz comet family:

2001 A3 SOHO  2001 A4 SOHO 2001 B3 SOHO
2001 C2 SOHO 2001 C3 SOHO 2001 C4 SOHO
2001 C5 SOHO Great Comet of 1843 Great comet of 1882
Comet Ikeya-Seki of 1965


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